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Protecting your Legacy: Why Wouldn’t You Want to Protect Your Legacy?

Most people don’t wake up in the morning and decide they want to put their Estate Plan in place. They know they should get it done, but they haven’t gotten around to it yet. Not only that, but they are afraid it will be expensive, and they will have to keep paying attorney fees to have the trust updated.

If you live in or around Denton, we’ve got good news! Our company can offer you a very affordable way to have a complete attorney written estate plan. We walk you through the process making it seamless for you to make decisions about how your assets will be divided up when you aren’t here anymore.

A basic revocable trust is the centerpiece of your Estate Plan. It’s a legal arrangement where you place your assets into a trust during your lifetime, allowing you to manage and control your assets during your lifetime as the trustee. One of the major advantages to a revokable trust is its flexibility. You have the power to make changes, add or remove assets, change beneficiaries, add conditions to distributions, etc. The key thing is to keep your trust updated so everything is up to date in case something happens to you.

Without a trust, your family will be faced with having to go through probate court. Before the internet, a nosey person would have to drive to the courthouse and have the probate file pulled. Probate court documents are of public record so now with just a click of the button, people all over the world can access your private information and your beneficiaries’ private information. No wonder fraud beyond the grave is such a big issue. But when you have a trust, and all of your titled assets are in the trust name, your private information stays private.

We haven’t even touched on the obvious issue that hiring an attorney and going through probate court is expensive and keeps your hard-earned money from going to your loved ones. Instead, probate court costs and attorney’s fees gobble up your hard-earned estate.

There are so many reasons to get your affairs in order and ensure your wishes are carried out when you aren’t here anymore. Your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness for taking action and looking out for them. When are you going to get a ROUND TUIT?

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